About our V-16 emergency beacon signal


In the event of an accident or breakdown, take your emergency signal and do not get out of the vehicle. Press the power button once, roll down the window and place the beacon on the roof. It will emit a beam of yellow light with flashes visible from 1km away in all directions (360º). Make sure it is not hidden or obscured by any external element: suitcases, skis…

Our alarm signal should be placed at the highest point of the roof to ensure visibility of your vehicle. Bear in mind that you will only use it in the event of a breakdown or accident, hence the importance of being seen, to alert other drivers.

CAR-LITE is suitable for any vehicle that needs to be seen.

In the case of motorcycles, you will have to find the place with the greatest exposure and height, such as the metal structure itself. You can place it on the mirror bar, tank, kickstand… You can also place it on the bollard or the guardrail of the road, a few meters behind your motorcycle.

If you drive a high vehicle, such as a truck or van, you can also place it on the mirror bar, on the fuel tank or directly on the bodywork.

CAR-LITE is powered by a 6LR61 9V battery with 3 years of 100% operation. This allows total autonomy without depending on a power supply that you will probably not be able to use in the event of a breakdown or accident.

It has a battery life of 2.5 hours in emergency mode and 5 hours in flashlight mode.

If the battery runs out, you can replace it and start again.

No. If the 6LR61 9V battery has run out, you can replace it yourself. The type of battery can be easily found in any regular store.
You will need to unscrew the four screws at the bottom of the emergency light and replace the dead battery with a new one.

Of course it is.

You will be able to use it and ensure the visibility of your vehicle in all weather conditions. Our light beacon is IP54 weatherproof (wind, water, snow, dust), and withstands high and low temperatures (-10ºC/+50ºC). It is also IK04 drop resistant.

Two common suggestions are: the glove compartment or under the passenger seat.

In any case, it must be a place that is easy to access. Think that, in case you use it, it will be for an emergency, accident or breakdown on the road. Hence the need for easy access in all circumstances.

CAR-LITE is an alarm signal, with yellow light and flashlight with white light.

The yellow is to alert others to the danger of a car on the road. Even if you were able to park it on the shoulder.

The white light is so that, if necessary, you can use it as a flashlight.

Pressing the lower button once activates the emergency mode (yellow flashing light beam).

Pressing twice activates the white light flashlight mode.

To turn it off just press it again.

In Annex XI of the Vehicle Regulations, the use of a lighting device, such as CAR-LITE, is recommended as an optional element. It has to comply with a series of technical requirements to be certified as a v-16 sign, pre-signalling device for danger.

It is still compulsory to equip the vehicle with pre-signalling triangles, but not their placement. The driver must assess whether his safety is at risk if he has to walk on the road to set up the triangles as an emergency signal and then return to the vehicle. CAR-LITE provides safety and visibility without leaving the vehicle.

CAR-LITE is approved and complies with all the characteristics that a V-16 signal must have, as set out in the modification of the Vehicle Regulations section 4 “Hazard signalling device”.

Irradiation: the optical system shall be so designed that the light covers a horizontal field of visibility of 360 degrees as well as vertically a minimum ± 8 degrees upwards and downwards.

Luminous intensity: intensity should be at grade 0, between 40 and 80 effective candelas, for at least 30 minutes.

Power supply: autonomous through a battery or poewr cell that guarantees a minimum of 90% of its nominal capacity after 18 months from its installation in the equipment.

IP degree of protection: at least IP54.

Stability: the equipment shall be designed to remain stable on a flat surface, not moving in front of an air current exerting a dynamic pressure of 180 Pa, in the direction most unfavourable to its stability.

Flash frequency: between 0.8 and 2 Hz.

The operation of the light at temperatures of -10.ºC and 50.ºC shall be guaranteed.

Performance of the tests: the verification of compliance with the characteristics defined in paragraphs a) to g) above shall be carried out in a laboratory accredited in accordance with the UNE EN-ISO 17025 standard by the National Accreditation Body (or by any other National Accreditation Body designated by another Member State in accordance with EC Regulation no. 765/2008 and under the conditions set out in Article 11 of the said Regulation) for UN/ECE Regulation 65. The laboratory, if the tests are satisfactory, will issue a certificate of conformity


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