CAR-LITE is an approved V-16 emergency sign/beacon/light.

It meets all the requirements that an emergency light should have.

Below we specify the characteristics that a V-16 signal must have. All in accordance with the amendment to the Vehicle Regulations section 4 “Danger signalling device”.

Characteristics that a V-16 signal must have:

Irradiation: the optical system shall be so designed that the light covers a horizontal field of visibility of 360 degrees as well as vertically a minimum ± 8 degrees upwards and downwards.

Luminous intensity: intensity should be at grade 0, between 40 and 80 effective candelas, for at least 30 minutes.

Power supply: autonomous through a battery. Battery or power cell that guarantees a minimum of 90% of its nominal capacity after 18 months from its installation in the equipment.

IP degree of protection: at least IP54.
Stability: the equipment shall be designed to be stable on a flat surface. It does not move against an air current exerting a dynamic pressure of 180 Pa in the direction most unfavourable to its stability.

Flash frequency: between 0.8 and 2 Hz.
The operation of the light shall be guaranteed at temperatures of -10.ºC and 50.ºC.

Performance of the tests: the verification of compliance with the characteristics defined in paragraphs a) to g) above shall be carried out in a laboratory accredited in accordance with the UNE EN-ISO 17025 standard by the National Accreditation Body (or by any other National Accreditation Body designated by another Member State in accordance with EC Regulation no. 765/2008 and under the conditions set out in Article 11 of the said Regulation) for UN/ECE Regulation 65. If the tests are satisfactory, the laboratory will issue a certificate.