Jesus Calleja Car-Lite Luz de emergencia V16 Baliza de emergencia jeep

Jesús Calleja

We promised you that we were going to start this section by introducing Jesús Calleja, our ambassador.

But… Do we really have to introduce him? If he show up alone…

In fact, he needs no introduction because he has been a part of our lives for almost two decades.

In any case, we will explain that Jesús Calleja is the ambassador of CAR-LITE.

And we will celebrate and share with all of you that he has decided to join the CAR-LITE family. And that, in doing so, he has trusted and understood the benefits of our emergency light.


Jesús Calleja, adventurous soul with maximum security

We don’t think there is anyone in Spain who doesn’t recognise him when they hear his name and whenever we think of him, he is always smiling.

Just see him on TV and we are glued to the TV. That laughing, funny, polite, nice, friendly, approachable, sensitive and adventurous guy, the latter x2! Well, that’s how it is in real life. There are people who, when they appear on TV, show us a character. But in his case, the TV character is like the real-life person. If possible, even more friendly, affable and fun.

That’s why we are changing this presentation as we are writing it because… How to introduce someone who is capable of jumping out of a plane and moving the hearts of half of Spain while the other half cover their eyes…?

Jesús Calleja looks like a guy taken from the 19th century and put in our 21st century.

He is the adventurer by nature.

The romantic adventurer. And, thanks to television, one more member of our family.

He represents the dream of the “me” that many of us would like to be. For his life, his experiences and his adventures. He flew halfway around the world to get on his bike on the other side of the world and set off into the unknown. We cannot do it, but he makes us live it and feel it. And on top of that we had a great time watching him.

Far from being a TV celebrity, he is like a common and distant cousin that we all share and that we would all like to sit at our table to tell us about his adventures. Balloons, bicycles, aeroplanes, parachutes… chasms, caves, sharks, rallies and marathons in the desert… We are talking about a man from León who has travelled around the world exploring the highest and deepest peaks. North, South, East and West: If we take a globe and make it spin to stop suddenly and point to a specific spot: our ambassador will have been there: whether in a deep chasm or in a shark sanctuary; in a balloon or climbing..

He will have reached all these places and CAR-LITE will accompany him from now on.

Wherever your bike goes, CAR-LITE will be there.

He will put the adventure: there he has no rival. We will give you visibility so that your integrity is not endangered.

We can only reiterate our thanks to you for understanding that CAR-LITE will save lives. And for an adventurer like him that’s no mean feat.

He is a professional adventurer who measures every step to prevent harm. And in this prevention appears our CAR-LITE V-16 homologated beacon. To prevent and mark accidents of all kinds car, mountain, bicycle … and that’s why it joins our adventure that do not forget, we undertake to illuminate and give you light at times when visibility, your visibility, will be the most important thing you can look for.